How To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holidays

It's not really so much about the weight, what's a few pounds, it's more about how you feel and how it affects your health.

As we get older our health becomes more and more important, it's when our lifestyle starts to catch up with us.

So don't think of it so much as gaining weight or not, think of it as being healthy. You have the power to decide.

The key is to make a conscious decision about what you want.

A goal properly set is halfway reached. ~Zig Ziglar

For me, part of a good life is eating delicious food. The key to enjoying it is to feel good. That means eating with some moderation and balance.

It is possible to enjoy yourself and indulge without gaining weight and feeling bad.

Chocolates, cookies and cakes, oh my!

Tis' the season of indulging, maybe more than ever as this pandemic continues.

A lot of us have a gained a few pounds over the last year and a half.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to gain any more!

I used to gain at least a few pounds over the holidays. As I’ve gotten older I have found it difficult to get those extra pounds off. Year after year the scale creeps up. Losing five pounds feels manageable but I imagine losing twenty or thirty pounds would feel daunting, so it’s important to nip it in the bud.

If you're with me, here's what I recommend:

First, decide what you want.

If you decide you do not want to gain weight and you want to feel good over the holidays then...


Think about how it feels to overeat:

  • the bloating

  • clothes tight and uncomfortable

  • the break-outs

  • frustration & disappointment

  • the effort it will take to get the extra weight off

Then decide, I do not want to:

  • gain weight

  • feel bloated and over-stuffed

  • put crap in my body

  • feel disappointed with myself


I want to feel good and enjoy, guilt-free, delicious food!

Prepare by:

  • eating sensibly the days/week/month leading up to the event or season

  • limit starchy bloating foods like: rice, potatoes, muffins, bread, crackers

  • no junk food or treats

  • lots of vegetables, lean meats, salads & fruit

  • limit or cut fat: butter, creamy dressings, anything deep fried

  • portion control

  • extra workouts

  • drink 8 – 12 glasses of water a everyday

So you go into it feeling like you've lost a few pounds, clothes feeling looser.

I’m not a big fan of the weigh scale, I don’t own one or weigh myself very often.

However, it can be helpful to gauge where you’re at. But use it as a tool, not a weapon.


Is It Worth It?

  • Is stuffing my face for the month of December worth the extra pounds at the end?

  • Are those delectable treats actually delectable?

  • Do I really need to eat three plates full to enjoy myself?

  • At the end of Christmas dinner, do I want to be bloated and overstuffed?

  • Is it actually more enjoyable when I eat more?

  • Am I eating it out of boredom, something to do, unconsciousness, obligation?

Is It Crap?

  • Is it made with crap (artificial flavours and hydrogenated oil) or natural ingredients?

  • If you can’t pronounce the ingredients or don’t know what it means then it’s crap.

  • Consider how you will feel after you eat it. Crap makes you feel like crap.

Be picky! Be choosy! Don’t eat crap! Trust me it’s not worth it.

Just eat food you love and enjoy!


This is a big one. Once you’ve decided on what you want, embrace it. What you think and say to yourself after that is everything.

If you start to lament that you’re on a “diet”, that you can’t eat this or that, that you wish you could but you don’t want to gain weight, then you’re hooped, it’ll be difficult to stick to your plan.

Focus on what you’re having instead of what you’re not having.

With the right attitude you won’t miss a thing and enjoy what you have.

Don't make the food the focus!

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