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Fit Healthy Happy 30-Day Challenge


*this is not a physical challenge* $49~ Cdn Start anytime! time commitment: 5 to 15 mins a day Take 30 days to check-in with yourself & see how you're feeling. In this comprehensive program Ali shares tools & tips for healthy habits, active goals and insights. Reset to a positive mindset. Become aware of patterns in your life & notice if they're serving you. Changing small habits will change your life! You'll receive a daily email with: > inspiration > motivation > worksheets to prompt reflection & introspection > Make time for yourself > Take stock of where you're at > Set fitness, health & happiness goals ~~~ "I feel more grateful & more aware of the things that make me happy." "A lot of work went into this program and it shows. Very we're having a conversation... friendly and professional. Well done!" "The tone of the messages was gentle, positive & encouraging. Kept me motivated even if I was not doing all the recommended activities to the degree I wanted." "Having a short upbeat message sent to me every morning was great. Also, the variety of topics, use of media and quotations kept the content interesting and easy to read and absorb." "It was just nice to take a moment for myself each day with fun, healthy & informative info." "Thanks Ali, that was fun!" note: the time of day you sign-up is the time of day you'll receive your daily email reminder if you've joined the challenge, make sure you're signed-in at the top of the page to access the program




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