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This class does not include music in the video itself

If you wish, you can play one of my Spotify playlists along with the class (only on computers)

Watch the instructions at the beginning of the video before clicking the link below.

Spotify Playlist HERE

written instructions below

Stretch & Relax with Spotify
Watch Trailer
Rent CA$9

Instructions to play my Spotify playlist along with the video:

Step 1:

  • click the Spotify playlist link above, a new window will open

  • sign-in to your Spotify account or create your free account if you don't have one

  • go to the bottom right corner and turn the music down to 25%, this is important, otherwise the music will be too loud for my video


Step 2:

  • come back to this window (my video)

  • press play where the video says "click play on the Spotify playlist in..." (this screen comes up after the instructions), listen for the prompt, don't worry if you don't get it exactly on the prompt

Step 3

  • go back to the Spotify playlist and double click on the first song on the prompt (making sure to click on the black beside the song, not on the song name), notice the music will start to play

Step 4

  • come back to this window (my video) and you're all set!

  • if the music is overpowering my voice go back to the Spotify window and turn the music down

  • you can go to a full screen in the bottom right corner of the video

    Have a great class!

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