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I’ve been a fitness instructor for almost 40 years. I teach Pilates, Yoga, stretch, meditation, core and more. I’ve also been a personal and instructor trainer, a NIKE sponsored athlete, a conference presenter and a Lululemon Ambassador.


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

I’d love present an engaging session at your conference, festival or retreat.


Why hire me ? To give your participants:

  • a rich memorable experience

  • a unique break that will infuse them with energy and focus

My interactive session can be done right from your participants chair as a break during your event or separately as a gentle movement class. I can customize the experience to meet your time constraints and specific needs.

A Simple Stretch

Everyone’s been sitting for hours. A little movement and breath work to clear the mind and get the circulation moving.


A Meditative Break

There’s been a lot of paying attention and thinking going on. Breathe work and meditation to clear and reset the mind.

The Power of Us

Simple but powerful chanting to feel the energy in the room and bring a group together.

Life is Beautiful

Chanting, meditation and movement, ending with gratitude. There may be tears of joy.


Let go and laugh! Just imagine a big group of people having a laugh attack. There may be dancing.


Custom Experience

A customized experience to meet your groups specific needs.

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