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trouble-shooting tips
trouble-shooting tips

Problem:  "I entered my email, it said I would get a confirmation email, but I didn't get it."


Try:  Check your junk folder.


Problem:  "I tried signing-in to the account I created but my password doesn't work."


Try:  It doesn't seem to like auto-generated passwords, so make sure to create your own password.


Problem:  "I clicked the link to the class in the email I received but it's not working."



  • go to my website

  • click RENT A CLASS in the menu

  • sign-in with your email and password

  • if you paid for the class within 24 hours, the class will be available for you

Problem:  "After about 15 minutes the video stops and starts frequently."


Try:  This is caused by your download speed, your internet.


Check that all your other windows and applications are closed so there’s nothing else downloading at the same time, interfering with your download (could also be someone else in your household watching a movie for instance).


If that doesn’t help, it may be that you have slow internet. Check with your internet provider to see what speed you have, they could also test your system.


You could try starting the class, leave it playing and then walking away for 15 minutes to let it download. Then go back and start from the beginning and the class should be fully loaded.


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