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Why Workout Online?

The pandemic may have forced us to workout online but many of us have remained there.

But why?!

Whether it be a video or a live class:

  • It's incredibly convenient!

  • Save time - if you feel like you don't have time to workout this is a way to do it (I save 40 minutes each time).

Bonuses - you can:

  • dress however you like, even in your pajamas and slippers!

  • have the room temperature how you like it best

  • have the sound volume where you like it

  • fit it in when it's convenient for you

  • workout while the baby naps

  • have your pets company :)

  • have privacy

Tips to make the most of it:

  • set devices to do not disturb and leave them out of sight

  • wear earbuds if you find it helps you to stay focused

  • find a quiet space where you won't be interrupted

  • stay focused for the whole class

  • connect the class to your TV

For a live class:

  • keep camera on for accountability

  • sign-up for class with a friend to keep each other accountable

  • use the camera as a mirror (also allows me to give you feedback)

  • invite a friend to a live class and see each other on screen (super fun if you live in a different city)

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